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Friday, 16 March 2007

Cup holder!

I bought a universal cup holder off eBay user mark1vws. It was installed in seconds and I'm very happy with the result! They say a picture tells a thousand words - how true that is :)

It's basically installed by two screws placed in the top and bottom centre of the wall plate. It holds well and feels very secure. All that was needed was a power drill and a marker to determine where to drill the holes.

The great thing about it is that it's navy blue too, so it matches my interior perfectly! It's also nifty in that I can fold it away when there's a passenger there. It seems fragile though, and a heavy knock to it coming from a stray leg may break it, so I'll have to be wary when I carry passengers. but on the plus side, now I don't have to panic everytime I have to drive with a cup/can wedged in between the seat and handbrake :)

More pics here.



Mike said...

I knew the euro versions didn't have cupholders, but I wasn't aware you guys didn't get them in Australia either. I've got a dual cup-holder right in front of the shifter, but that's only because we Americans whined too much about not being able to carry drinks around with us, lol. Definitely looks like you picked up a good, practical part for you car.

rayray said...

I was contemplating buying the stock NA cup holders but found that they would only be good enough for cans and small bottles! Plus, I use that compartment space for other stuff as very few Australian Mk3 models had gloveboxes too :( We got the airbag and this lame panel shelf that would probably hold a pen, or two. No joke :(