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Sunday, 29 June 2008


Fark, it's been nearly a good six months since I've posted aye. No excuses, just been plain lazy. I've been doing a bit on the Golf though, and while I'm typing away I was thinking I should show what I've done in pictures... BUT I've been THAT lazy that I haven't even taken many pics either.

So in brief, what have I done in the span of 6 months?
  • BBS RS and Work Equips both sold, bought OZ Superturismos and steelies; the latter I had widened, powdercoated black.
  • VR6 subframe, control arms, tie-rods, drive-shafts and front sway bar finally installed - no more crooked wheel, it looks straight now!
  • Front wheel bearings changed (DIY, thanks Vortex).
  • Driver-side damaged fixed (insurance job).
  • Another badgeless grille.
  • VR6 seats.
  • Audio install (amp, sub and false floor).
  • Battery relocation to the rear.
  • Integrated indicators into headlights.
  • Ghetto fender roll (haha hammer FTW).
But most important, I got closer to the VW community which is what got me started in all this in the first place. A bunch of Melbournians from the VWW forums came up for the annual VW Nats during May and we all had a blast hanging out and just talking shit. Dominic a.k.a. WABIT on the forums came up again this weekend and took some professional photos of the car as well (Pierre a.k.a. fuzion as well), which turned out fooking fantastic! I can't wait 'til he has the photos uploaded.

Two pics I took at the Nats (camera phone, excuse the quality):

It's like that as a daily now but it just scrapes everywhere. Planning to fit the duck-bill back on soon.