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Monday, 7 May 2007


Haven't posted in a lonnnng while. I went to Olympic Park for the Autosalon Sydney show a few Sundays ago. Haven't been to one for quite a while now, and sad to say that the cars still look the same and most exhibitors there still have the same mindset when modifying a car. I liked the Mini section though, and the exhibit of more track dedicated cars, but there were still many many cars that were done rather distastefully in my eyes, with lairy paintjobs, Altezza-like taillights for cars other than the IS200 (will they ever get out of "fashion"?) and big chromies. However, that said, there were two things that really annoyed me. First was the fact that there were many "show cars" that weren't really cars at all - they arguably cannot be driven under many circumstances. One car had LCD screens for headlights. A few (RX-7s and S15s) that were sporting 22" rims (yes you guessed it, chromies) with rubberband tyres. I know that show cars are exactly that - for show - but at least it should be able to be driven from location to location? There's quite a distinct line between show cars and daily driven street cars at the moment but I'd like to see that line blur some time in the future. Reminds me of what Ethan from 8380 Labs wrote about in a recent issue of PVW.

Anyway, that's just my rant. It just seems like the modified car scene in Australia is just stuck on repeat. I remember seeing a lot of cars that were also in the Autosalon show back in 2000/2001.

All that said, I respect the effort that all the owners of the cars there have put into their cars. Every person has his or her own taste in car modifying, and I'm sure not many people like the way I'm going with mine in respects to modifying (I keep getting asked when I'm buying a bodykit...).

Anyway, here's all the pics I managed to take. Some highlights I deem worthy of putting up here:

SuperGT Supra
Team Peer drift team
The only car representing VAG :(
Skyline V35

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