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Monday, 17 December 2007

Mk3 meet

So some of the blokes on VWW wanted to do a Mk3 photoshoot meet. I chimed in and suggested doing a dinner get-together thing as well.

It was pouring like crazy but definitely didn't stop the regulars from meeting up. Pedro (red Mk3), Louis (burgundy VR6), Steve (white + textured VR6), Aaron (black VR6), Demil (white Mk3) and myself were the show-ers including George (Mk5 TFSI Jetta), Pierre (red Mk4 GTI) and Ray (B5 Passat 1.8T). We first met up at one of Homebush Olympic Park's carpark followed by Rhodes Shopping centre indoor carpark lot. We then headed off to Auburn RSL for some all-you-can-eat buffet and then back to Homebush for some night shots. Overall it was a great afternoon/night that involved a lot of catching up and just talking shit.

I left it to the boys with SLR's to do the photo-taking:

All pics courtesy of VW_Hawk aka Aaron. Louis took a few (read: many) too, but used film so those pics will be up later.


Roof racks came in today, and they look great. Installed them on and I can't help but say the car has that Euro flavour to it now haha.

And I've got some sad (not bad) news that I'll elaborate on in due time.


DerSubtileVento said...

The cars are all looking good. I wish I had that many nice Mk3s near me. I'm excited to see the 404 rack installed on your car. Any news about your bodywork or what the plan is?

rayray086 said...

Hehe yeah, it feels good to see other enthusiasts so passionate about their Mk3s.

I'll take some pics of the Thule rack tomorrow. They fit very very well and has an understated look about them.

Matt has a front driver's white door and a white fender panel so I could probably get that cheap off him. I might just skip the insurance claim and have the rear quarter panel beatened. I'd have to pay the excess fee for the insurance if I was to get them to have it fixed and it'll cost me $1500 because I'm under 25 :(