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Monday, 12 March 2007

side skirts on

w000t they're finally on. got the dad to help out, and it ended up to be a breeze. the front end caps fit the rears nicely with a few adjustments. ends were screwed in and the bottom parts were also screwed in for secureness. i did a really bodgy job with the paint - they weren't as novice-friendly as the other spraypaint (i actually went for bumper spray rather than generic satin black this time) and locations where i oversprayed are easily seen. but that's not gonna make me re-sand and re-spray it again :P

finally completes the look i want, as much as textured parts are concerned.

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Mike Templeton said...

The car is really coming together well! I love all the textured pieces contrasting with the stark white paint. This is inspiring me to get myself a pair of textured sides.