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Monday, 30 April 2007

The US exchange rate

... has me considering Koni coilovers from WRD (US-based). The last I got quoted for these coilovers were $2700AUD from the same guys that I got my Koni Reds and springs from, but WRD has posted them up on the Vortex for a special price of ~$1042USD. That's easily cheaper than what I can get here, and with the exchange rate at $1AUD for $0.83USD, there isn't a better time.

BUT I JUST HAD MY NEW SUSPENSION IN!!! And it would mean I'd have to spend a little extra for these coilovers, probably another $500-$800 or so. It'll be worth it, but can I justify spending so much money on my car?! My heart says yes but my brain says no.

I guess I'll put up some criteria that has to be met if I want to get these:
  1. Combined postage + coilovers must be below $1300USD.
  2. Must have a potential buyer for the Koni Reds and springs before the coilovers are bought. Must be sold for more than $800.
Gosh. I better start saving up.

Pics of Mk3's with Koni coilovers - wound all the way down:

The black one has got me all giddy. The white one looks too low, but probably cos the 17's emphasises it. Black one has 15's.

Argh, this desire is killing me!

Edit: Gave GT Suspension another call just then - they quoted me $3490 as the retail price, but they are able to do it for $2800 shipped to my place. Man, if I could get it for $1500 shipped from WRD, I'm seriously snapping it up.

Edit #2: WRD replied back with a shipping of ~$450USD!!! That's nearly half that of the coilover kit itself! But that's within the cost of $1800AUD all together - I remember getting quoted for $1990 for an Eibach struts + springs from Pedders. It's still a crazy deal.

Edit #3: Discussed with fellow watercoolers at the watercooled forum and they kindly reminded me that anything involving a foreign purchase in excess of $1000AUD would impose a GST and import duty tax, at about 20% of the cost of the product in question. That's about an extra $300-$400AUD, putting the price in excess of $2000AUD shipped to my place. I've got this idea totally out of my system now!


Mike said...

It sucks that you guys have to pay so much extra for shipping and taxes and everything else. I know I'd be going stir-crazy. You've got a great setup with your Konis and springs though. Truthfully, you would be able to attain a slightly lower drop, but would it be worth all the hassle? A slightly lower drop gives you just that extra bit of satisfaction, but its not like your current setup is bad. Plus, going even just a bit lower means adapting your driving style to totally new criteria because avoiding road hazards become that much more crucial to the life of your car, lol.

I think you're making a good choice to stick with what you have. Plus, now you can use that money you were going to spend on something else. ;)

Drop Suspension said...

I thought it was very worth it. But paying extra wasn't a good idea. :(