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Sunday, 8 April 2007

VW Nationals 2007

Good day - a lot more aircooled than watercooled, but from what people were saying, this year had the BIGGEST watercooled turn-out than the previous 20 years! The count was at about 50+ watercooled cars - we met our quota and hopefully have cemented the fact that the watercoolers are here to stay in the Australian VW scene.

There were judges there and awards too, but I didn't end up having my car judged - the best Mk3 went to an Autosalon-esque styled Golf GL. Not many people were happy. The engine was untouched, he had fake Hella dual round headlights, in fake carbon surround too, was not lowered, and was wearing a set of Gestalt chromies. The interior was nothing to be desired either - some of the plastic accents were colour coded, and looked fake with the shiny plastic texture. It had a decent sound system though, but even that was poorly designed. The owner had a shop selling rice goodies as well, and was advertising it while having his car on show.
Lots of us want to move the European/American VW scene down to Australia (with their "Euro-tuner" style) and seeing it win dampened our hopes of it. But I'd say give it a year or two more, and we should have our act together.

Here are some of the photos. All of it can be found under this link!

Oli's 16V and TDI
Standard Mk2
Winner of Best Modified Mk3
Oettinger-kitted Mk5
Alex's (Australia's first) Vento-front Golf. Came all the way from Queensland!

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