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Friday, 25 May 2007

Ghetto blacked out dummies

I didn't like how ugly the clear dummies look compared to the rest of the car. Since I've been going with the smoked look, I decided to black out the dummies using the bumper black paint I had left from previous jobs. Dodgy to say the least, but it looks more suited to the car than what it was previously. Left it with the matte finish - I cleared it firstly but it just looked shit with the glossiness, so I resprayed over it lightly to get the matte finish again.

Looks good with the orange turns:

I don't think I'll be looking into fogs anymore. I'm toying with the idea to shave my front bumper, but I'm not ready to do that yet as I'm liking my front end at the moment + I'm lacking the confidence to tackle this kind of a body mod. But some day, it'll be shaved off. The look has grown on me after initially despising it (the big front indicator cluster is what gives the Golf character I reckon). I've made some photoshops to see how it would look:

And the originals:
Looks weird with the plates I have now, but I'm thinking of registering it with Euro plates one day. BTW, I don't think I would shave the plate recess.

I don't think I will ever run out of plans to make for the Golf!


SubtileBlog said...

It would look awesome with shaved blinkers, but your current remedy with the smoked indicators looks good. I love the euro bumpers on your car. I wish they came stock on mine.

Raymond Chan said...

Haha cheers. My ideal stock bumper for the Mk3 would be a Euro-spec with the smoothed out licence plate section like the NA-spec. My plate doesn't take advantage of the whole recess! :(