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Friday, 25 May 2007

Interior update

I ordered a shift and handbrake boot from Mr Gaiter and also a Momo Short 'Anatomic' Leather Shift Knob from eBay 2 weeks ago. I received both this week :D I was very excited to get them on as the vinyl items that came with the car were becoming drab and boring. Piece of cake to install except the boot didn't have tighteners on the top part - held it together temporarily with a rubber on the inside of it until I can get someone to nicely sow on elastic to it. It looks damn good and the way the knob is designed allows it to sit much lower than stock (I'd say an inch). I haven't got around to installing the handbrake boot yet though. I'll have pictures up soon when I have them snapped!

Pedro has the screw threading tool so I'll be cutting the shifter down a bit more (another inch). I'm looking into a short shifter linkage as well - the only local product is the B&M that Rocket Industries are official dealers of. I've also asked Phil if he could get good prices on B&M products, so I'll await his response before going ahead and purchasing it. While I'm doing this, I'll might as well change all the shifter bushings (picture courtesy of Dan's VW page). I know I can get a set from Tooleys as I've enquired before - at $30, it's worth it.

Also, I'm thinking of getting the lower glovebox from Matt - he's wrecking a late model Mk3 at the moment. It's black (as always), but I've found a spray dye by VHT that NEARLY matches my navy blue interior. I bought a can and tested it out on my head-unit case (similar material) and it just comes out a bit lighter than what my interior is. Only noticeable when reflecting light, but I think I can get it matching very closely as it only had two coats - instructions recommend more coats to get a different shade. I think I'll most likely be getting it - Matt's asking $130 for it though, but if I could take it down to $80, I'll definitely take it. Oli was asking for $50 before :( I wish I snapped it up back then!

Since I've got the spray, I'm thinking of doing the pillars as well. At the moment, they're tan. I'll most likely leave the headliner, sun visors and top handles alone for now though...

Anyway, I'll see how it goes.

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