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Monday, 4 June 2007

SEQ Drive Day

The VWWatercooled folks of south-east Queensland had a Drive Day on Sunday the 3rd. It was a cruise in memory of a loved one of a fellow member of the VWWatercooled forums. John a.k.a. Golfer's fiance Jasmin recently passed away from a battle with cancer. Her progress was kept on the forums as Golfer expressed his emotions in what was unfortunately and sadly inevitable. She fought on longer than the doctors expected her to, which gave many a feeling of hope. She was only 24 years young. Sometimes the world is a cruel place to be, taking loved ones away far too early in theirs and our lives.

The Drive Day was originally supposed to be organised by Golfer before it happened, so shaneth took up the job. He managed to get 32 cars signed up, which is a magnificient effort, and photos have been taken to prove it. Being in rural south-east Queensland, it looked like there was much less traffic than the time we had our cruise to Wollongong. I'm so jealous!

I haven't been on a cruise/GTG since the Nats, and that's partly my fault since I've been lazy and also bogged up with Uni shit :( There was a cruise to Canberra as well, but it looked like there would be a lack of VWW members (was organised by VWVortex - there seems to be invisible beef between the two). I said I was going to make it, but with 2 assessments due in 12 hours, it wasn't possible :( I've missed out on too many events already.

There's a cruise/GTG organised for the 30th of June, so I'm anxiously waiting for that to happen :) I will have finished my finals by then so I'll be free to do whatever! And that includes the wheel repairing!

Anyway, here's the forum link to the post-event discussion/pics for the SEQ Drive Day.


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