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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Blog update

Wow, I just had a terrible 3 weeks, "preparing" and doing exams for Uni. It didn't really stop me from progressing with the car though, but it has hampered the time I could spend on it haha.

A few things have happened, though not "ground-breaking". I bought a used Eibach front upper strut brace from Steve on the VWW. After some digging, I found that they are a discontinued piece from the late 90's (I have the flat bar) and are starting to get big $$. There have been samples in the US going for as much as $400USD (though this was marked down later in that particular sale) and can definitely fetch a few hundred. I was so surprised, considering no-one on VWW wanted it. I was actually approached by Steve about it and after some talking, I went for a $60 offer (knowing that the previous owner who sold it to Steve gave it away for $70), and a few hours later, it was sitting in my room. It's in pretty bad shape (watermarks and fine swirl scratches everywhere) but nothing a bit of wetsanding and polishing won't get rid of. Pics:

It came with the set of nuts and bolts required for its fitment, and instructions from Eibach and a certificate in Deutsch was even provided. Cool. Fake or not, it's still a great deal for $60.

I've also started on polishing the centre-caps of my BBS wheels. I've only barely started on one but and have sanded it down completely and got rid of the failing clearcoat and corrosion. On to 320 grit at the moment and planning on getting it down to 2000 grit, but I honestly don't know if I've got the patience to! I'll definitely try though - the finer I go, the better the mirror polish result that I'll get. A pic, but I'll put it all together in a DIY on metal polishing ;)

I've bought new centre badges for the BBS as well in preparation of the rebuild (still a long way to go, but I just couldn't help it). Got them in black with gold BBS lettering. Hoping to get gold bolts along the way and I've found an eBay item on a close-to-original BBS gold paint but I'm going to wait out on that until I'm actually rebuilding them. As with new lips, I'm thinking of re-widening to 8" all-around or 8" front 8.5" rear, but I'm gonna research on prices first.

Also ordered some stuff from TMTuning - some new pedals and lowering caps. Got some grip-taped pedals as I'm getting annoyed with the current standard plastic items as it's been raining like crazy in Sydney these days. Not that I lose grip, but it squeaks everytime I move my feet. Lowering caps are rated at 10mm; I'm ignoring the VWVortex talk about it and giving it a try myself. At $20+USD a pair, I've got nothing to lose really. I'm due in to re-set the damper settings on my Reds anyway as I think I've dialed the fronts too soft in comparison to the rears. And I need an alignment. And I gotta install the Eibach brace too. See, lots of excuses to waste more money :P

All those things are coming from Germany, so I'll be waiting here in drabby, dull Sydney for them to come.

A bit more eBay perusing and I came across a fault finder. Reminds me of a VAGCOM, but much simpler. Asked the seller how it works, and he says it's just a matter of slotting it into the same interface, and searching the provided book/list for the fault code if any gets spit out. Should be a fun device to whip out at a GTG - and it looks small enough to fit in my glovebox.

Oh! And I purchased a glovebox from Matt which he got from a wrecked late model Mk3. I just looked back at my previous entry and I've mentioned before. Well, I've bought it for $100, which is still quite overpriced but I just felt that I needed one. At least now I have a closed space to store all my receipts/tickets/CDs into.

Also bought a handbrake boot (yes, another) from Peter Jones, also a member of VWW. It's actually off a Seat Toledo that he was wrecking, and I spotted it in some of his pics so it was worth a try asking. He was willing to part with it for $10 shipped so I just snapped it. Got it today, and it looks much bigger than what I think would fit for my Mk3, but it could be a template for something later that I want to make myself :)

Anyway, I think that's it for now...

DIY metal polishing should be up next :)


SubtileBlog said...

You'll be building up quite the stack of parts with those latest orders. I was just reading a thread on Vortex the other day about the Eibach flat bar. I like the design of it, but there's no way I would pay $400 for one. You lucked out and got a great deal. With a little elbow grease it will be good as new I'm sure.

I still can't believe that some early year models of the Mk3s didn't come with any glovebox. Where the heck are you supposed to put your gloves? lol :D

I'll be interested to see how the pedals turn out when you get them in the car. I've been looking at the Audi TT pedal covers myself.

Keep me posted. ;)

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