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Sunday, 22 July 2007

VWW cruise - Blue Mtns

Went on a cruise today to the Blue Mountains with the VWW folks. Met some new members, including NickZ (Polo GTI) and SoundofaVR6 (have a guess ;) ) who both organised and planned out the itinerary for a run through the mountains; thumbs up to them.

The road to Glenbrook and Wentworth Falls were pretty tame, with a few climbs and descents but wide lanes and corners. Food was yum, company was great, and the weather was mostly compliant. Couldn't complain. Bells Line of Road though, was arguably the best part of the cruise. This was where the excitement grew, with 50km of mountain passes, with dips and rises, tight hairpins and long, fast corners. A good place to the test the suspension out! The Konis were handling very nicely without much of a skip on acceleration or off. While not the most comfortable ride (lots of bumps), I did feel safe taking fast corners.

We missed one of our stops for a photo shoot. The frustration from snail-like commuters/holiday-ers probably settled into the leading cars, which were taking the road at quite insane speeds!

Anyway, a great time was had, and I think our friends-based cruise might be through Bells again.

My most favourite pic that I've taken today.

At Wentworth Fall Lakes having the BBQ.

And my first rolling shot!

More pics here.

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