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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Fixes - Part Two

So the car went in for a service on Friday. Ended up costing $185 so there wasn't a major problem. Aside from the usual oil change, filter change, fluid level checks etc., the mechanic managed to find some minor faults to fix. A loose fuel line was clamped down, and a duct (would he be referring to a vacuum line? I wasn't sure) had come off too, which he had fixed and has it holding shut. That's fixed up the mis-starts. Not the misfire though. May almost definitely be due to a electrical problem now. The battery was tested to be low in potential too, so that's gonna be replaced soon.

There were two faults he found that he could not replace without ordering a VW technician and parts - a faulty ignition switch (Matt was right) and a brittle crank angle sensor wire. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but when the key is in the ignition, you could jiggle it around. The movement is small, but enough to trigger any faults. He found that the engine won't spark if the key isn't turn all the way when starting the car. He and I managed to replicate it, and I can always start the car now. With the crank angle sensor, he told me that the wire connecting it is starting to wear, or in his words getting "brittle". If it's not replaced, it could easily snap and when that happens, the car will stall and won't start. Easy fix but some inconvenient problems if it breaks. Pedro suggested I fix it with tape so I might check it out tomorrow. As for the ignition switch, I think I'll leave it since I know what the problem is and know my way around it. Not suggested I know, but I'll take my chances and let any potential buyers know about it.

On the topic of potential buyers, James, a guy who used to go to the same high school as I did, has expressed his interest for my Golf. He's damn slow at replying to messages though - last I messaged was about the good, the repairs, and the bad. And I also made a price offer. I just hope he'll take it - there's a damn nice VR6 up for sale on VWW!

Basic details are that it's going for $10K with 100K km on the clock. No modifications whatsoever except for the VR6 front lip. All replacements have been from the factory. I asked him about the heater core and timing chain, and he's not sure about the history of them for the car though. So I'm a bit speculative. But I'm also excited at the same time haha.

More pics: 1 2 3 4

Anyway I'm gonna try hard not concentrate too much on car hunting, but more on car selling!

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