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Sunday, 19 August 2007

Wheel repair

So I've written about this before - I was thinking of repairing my factory 14" alloys, and finally got around to it. So far I have sanded the imperfections down and prepared the surface for re-painting. Some of the deeper chips I did not bother fixing - I had thought of filling it in with metal epoxy but decided against it. I am planning on painting the alloys satin black anyway so most chips can't be seen. I have sanded them down enough anyway. All gutter rash has been eliminated but the lip surface is now slightly irregular. You can't really see it (well, hard to tell since some parts are sanded down to bare metal and some parts still have slight paint) but it can be felt. I'm not really too fussed about this though as they'll be put on to replace the BBS which I'm selling. I'm sure the next owner of the car will want to get bigger wheels anyway.


The wheels are done! To be honest, I could have done so much better. The layering of coats were pretty bad on my part. The photos show some overspray on certain parts of the wheel. Since the centre-caps were sprayed black as well, I had to redo the logo painting. Found some hobby paint that I borrowed from Pedro AGES ago and went for it. A bit on the darker side (Ford Blue) but it was the closest I have to the Enkei blue. Done two coats already and I might add one more coat tomorrow and then wait for it to dry and flash off. The wheels I'm gonna fit back on on Friday when I re-adjust the suspension. Might be a good idea to get an alignment booked in...

Once the wheels are fitted back on, the RS's will be sold to Pedro.


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