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Friday, 24 August 2007

Updates - nearly sell-worthy

Just a few updates - the car is slowly getting into selling-mode. I've refitted the duckbill lip back on along with the orange side indicators, badged grille (needs painting) and the factory Enkei alloys. The VR6 lip and smoked side indicators will be going to Louis, and the debadged grille and BBS RS wheels have been given to Pedro (in exchange for $$ of course). I've still got to replace the rear taillights with the stockies and also refit the pencil tray back on. Pedro suggested it, as I could get more $$ from selling the glovebox separately. Fair enough!

I haven't got pics yet though, but I reckon I will be able to take some on Monday, and if not then, then definitely by Wednesday. Found two potential photoshoot sites though. One is near my local train station (Merrylands) - it's essentially a two-wall storehouse, with the corrugated iron roof and walls that give it the deserted, empty look. The other one is slightly similar but is in an open space. Backdrop is a very old tram and the train tracks leading to Redfern, while the two sides are old train "hangars". One of them is currently used as an art gallery for digital media, which I'm studying at the moment. The entrance to it is photo-shoot worthy too.

This would be part of the "Fixes" post but since I've only done one minor fix, it doesn't really deserve its own post :P Side mouldings were starting to pop off as I broke one or two tabs when I took them off for a respray ages ago. I finally got around to putting them back on permanently with some double-sided tape, which has been long suggested by members in the VWVortex forums. It works a treat. As with the mechanicals, it's still misfiring, though sometimes I hear a bit of a creak at low RPMs when I start moving. Very distinctive and coming from the rear passenger side. I think that's where the fuel filter is? Anyway, I'll be getting new spark plugs and leads when Pedro goes to Tooleys for his shit, and he has a battery recharger so I'll be able to use that to temporary fix the low battery charge problem.

I think that's about it.

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