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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

So what's around the corner?

Mike of SubtileBlog, always being the bearer of good news, has now sent my adapters over the Pacific Ocean. $90USD was the shipping price.

So it's got me excited. Last weekend I had the coilovers done. This weekend I'll be working on the shaved bumpers. Next weekend might see me putting in the brakes and then the adapters along with the 16" BBS RS I've wanted to fit on for so long. So it's got me REALLY excited. I just have to show-off :P

8" of BBS goodness. High offsets means adapter friendly :)

That's just a pair of them. The other pair should have a different RS model number as they are 7" from the factory. Same offset.

Oh, and remember how I got a BBS RS wheel for $20? Here it is. RS032; looks much smaller than the 16's. They're actually the same width as my previous 15" set but these are +17 in offset:

<3 dish.
So my plan for them is to whack them straight onto the car after the brakes and adapters are in (after some fender rolling and 195/45's of course) until I have the Equips refinished (pictures soon). Once the Equips are done, I'll completely take apart the RSs and do a very thorough rebuild job. At the moment I'm thinking of widening the front 7" pair to 8" to achieve a staggered offset rather than a staggered width. Since the offset will be lower on the new 8", they will go to the rear. Of course I'll be trial fitting the current rears to the fronts first to see how well they sit. For the appearance of the wheels, I'm thinking of an all (gloss) black powdercoat with gold bolts and gold BBS lettering caps (remember the ones I bought from Racing Team Hoffman?). Pictures of Ian Chan's blacked out lips on his RH ZW1's and more pictures from Wheel-Whores has sold me on the black look. The gold highlights would be a very special touch too IMO.

RH ZW1 w/ matte black lips and orange centres:

BBS wheels completely blacked out w/ polished highlights.

So anyway, that's my plan for the moment.


DerSubtileVento said...

With the contrast you have going between the white and black on your car, I think all gloss wheels will fit perfectly with the theme. However, I think I would prefer polished/silver bolts and caps instead of the gold. Maybe if I start hanging out at Wheel-Whores I can learn how to become one as well. :)

Missile Command. said...

Hey Ray, looking good brother and your updates are amazingly regular, something I aspire to chief. The car is looking sweet and I'm not that arsed about your BBS to be honest, I'm all about the equips dude. I reckon you should go down the matt/satin finish for the blacks, I think gloss can sometimes cheapen a rim. Saying that, a powder coat gloss is a better finish than paint. I'm all for the gold highlights too man, a bit of chopper influence. check this dude out for some black contrast stuff:

Blog legend!! Anyhow, cheers for the birthday props, catch you later. Al.

Anonymous said...

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