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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Work-ed up

Mixed emotions over these. I love them and think they look tons better than the RS on my car, but they just poke toooooooo much for my liking at the moment. I've taken them back off as the scraping is just unbearable. Steve wants his stock BBS wheels back so I'm on the market for wheels again (like I ever left it haha). Think I might just settle for 16" Mk4/A3/TT OEM wheels for now. Montreal II's are floating around everywhere but I'm hoping to snag one set up for less than $500.

Anyway, pics:

Silly poke.

I was very proud of my camera work today haha. Pictures came out great IMO for a point and shoot digital camera. Only did some cropping and didn't resize them. Check out my Photobucket for the other 15.

Plans for it now is to save up for a pair of smaller adapters (20mm), refurbish them (full polish?) and maybe get some neg camber in when the wheels are ready to go back on.


DerSubtileVento said...

I like the Works, but they don't feel right without the centercaps. I'm sure you'll find something else just as cool for the next set though. :)

Missile Command. said...

They rock bro!! What are the size/et/tyre specs on them? Maybe with a slimmer tyre on they'd look sweet.

Like Mike says though, caps are a must!!

I'm selling my wheels too at the mo, not enjoying the harsh ride on 17s/coilies and 40 pro rubber so I'm trying to get rid and replace with something very nice. I'll show you soon what I got, you might just like em.