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Monday, 1 October 2007

Bumper paint scheme

I have 4 options that I'm indecisive about.
  1. Colour-coded with smoothed textured black tops.

  2. Colour-coded with smoothed gloss black tops/valence.

  3. Smoothed, completely textured black.

  4. Smoothed, completely gloss black.

Note that I'm not going for a two-tone look; options 3 and 4 only apply to the bumpers.

I'm mixed between colour-coded and all-black as I want to show-off the shaved bumper, yet I like the all-black look. I'm mixed between textured black and gloss black because it's easier to do the gloss black (in terms of layering it down and maintaining it) yet I don't want to stand out too much with the gloss. I'm stuck! For any readers, give me your opinions!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man they all look so DAMN SEXY!!! you've made me indecisive as well :| fark thats HOT HOT HOT!!!