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Monday, 1 October 2007

Bumper shaving and badgeless grille #2 - progress

Matt was kind enough to let me take a late Mk3 bumper for free due to the damage it has sustained:

Haha yep, that's the only damage to it.

As little damage as it is, I'm using it as a donor for bumper pieces so I can shave some parts. First of all, the exhaust cut-out:

Yeah it's subtle and probably only noticeable to 1% of people that look at the car, but I like the no-exhaust look. I also plastic welded the tow hook cover.

I cut off about 2 inches of the exhaust tips too.

It doesn't completely cover it :( I'll be cutting it more soon, and spraying the tips and rear muffler black.

Next was the indicator/foglight section of the front bumper. Hours was spent trying to get the shape right. It took longer than expected as the section between the foglight insert and plate recess did not have the indent, so I had to cut that out and weld on an extra piece.

The cut-out had to be perfect so a lot of time was spent sanding away. Dremel FTW.

Today I managed to completely weld all the custom bits in. It now awaits sanding, filling and painting.

Badgeless grille has been welded too. I've completed the sanding and am delaying the filling, as I hate doing that.

There are some imperfections. I wanted to keep the backing between the top and middle slats this time so I welded two parts together before welding it on to the actual grille. I found out that I didn't weld it on straight :@ It's not noticeable from far though, and I honestly can't be fucked redoing it. I've inhaled too much plastic already. I'll have to add an extra support for the bottom slat. It's very flimsy at the moment.
I've still got to do the lower metal part, but I want it properly welded in so I'll be asking a mate first.

I put all the parts back on as I have to use the car this week for Uni.

It's funny... the car looks wider from the front now. Louis also commented on that. Anyway, I can't wait to see the end result.

Anyway, I'll be updating more as I go along. More progress pics will be uploaded onto my Photobucket.

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