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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

404 not found?

Oh, but I did :)

Quality stuff that fits on like it came from the factory (fits better than bits that actually did come out of the factory :P). Basically there's a rail that hooks on to the roof edge that's covered up by the rubber seal lining:

Easily tightened and aligned by the allen key screws:

Followed by the cover that's locked in by key. Really looks neat!

Pity about my shitty photo taking though. It's been raining a lot in Australia (especially for summer). Looks like the drought's breaking.

And... I'm selling the BBS wheels. I'm not saying who to, but he will definitely look after them very, very, very well. I'll miss them, but it's time to move on!

How's this for moving on?



Missile Command. said...

YEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!! Nice one Rayman!! Glad to see them back in the frame, such a cool rim. You aren't planning on colour coding at all are you? I hope not, just keep them looking fresh and clean.

Get em on and lets see some sweet, sweet badness!!

Glad to see you're still rocking, even with the damage and that.

Missile Command. said...

Oh, normally only say this about chicks, but....


rayray086 said...

HAHA cheers Al. Yeah it's my daily driving dub and takes all the punishment I give it. At the moment it's a bit one-way, but I've promised to give it some TLC haha.

No colour coding for me. White on white is a no-no for me unless it's a rally car. My original plan was a full polish, but I have tossed around with black or navy blue (matches interior) centres with gold bolts. I don't know, I don't want to make plans and not ending up sticking to them.

pkstrategy said...

wsup man! long time since i posted on my own blog or ever on ur own. keep up the work! hope to see this car in person someday!